Our company concern on danger of combustible dust, gases and flamable liquid vapors danger. 

We provide consults on this filed and offer service to fullfill valid legislative demands. Main field of our services are document abou external influences, explosion protection documentation and other consultancy services. 

We also offer services of team leader for HAZOP study and Risk assessment. 



Opinions and evaluations

  • risk assessment and evaluation of equipment potentially used in explosive atmosphere
  • leading of HAZOP studies and Risk assesment for projects
  • evaluation of explosion risk, determination of measures and evaluation of possible explosion consequences
  • evaluation of project documentation for explosion danger and suggestion of appropriate measures
  • risk assessment of major accident risk (SEVESO)
  • risk quantification of major accidents consequences
  • other services on field of explosion and fire prevention 


  • guidance of DEP including staff training
  • trainig for HAZOP and Risk Assessment techniques
  • elaboration of instruction for explosives atmospheres works
  • check of equipment installed in explosive atmosphere and documentation check

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