We offer services: 

  • Processing of Explosion protection documentation (EPD) according to (99/92/EU)
  • Processing of Protocol of external effect determiantion (also Hazardous area classification), revision of existing documents according to valid technical standards
  • Risk assessment and risk evaluation for equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Explosion protection documentation (EPD) management including training of relevant staff
  • HAZOP studies
  • Risk analysis processing (SIL determination)
  • Processing instructions for work in hazardous areas and the processing of local traffic and safety provisions
  • Explosion risk assessments and determining of measures, evaluating of the explosions consequences
  • Assessment of project documentation in terms of fire or explosion hazards, including proposals of prevention
  • Performing calculations for explosion relief
  • Assessment of fire risk
  • Measurement of releases of flammable substances in plants
  • Determination of some fire technical characteristics of flammable substances
  • Checking of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres, and checking of it's documentation
  • Measuring the electrostatic properties of materials, 
  • Processing of manual for device